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The area of the Olympia Region Seefeld is a genuine insider tip for friends of an adventurous downhill ride.

Our tip: try the path up to the picturesque REITHERJOCH ALM. Starting point is the car park of the ROSSHUETTE lifts. After an hour’s walk - halfway uphill, halfway flat - you reach the refuge where they offer drinks and meals at any time of the day.

Other beautifully situated toboggan hot spots are the HÄMMERMOOS-ALM, the WETTERSTEINHÜTTE and the RAUTHHÜTTE in Leutasch.

Helpful: Bring along skiing specs or masks and a headlamp for the downhill ride at night!

Holiday enjoyment starts with your choice of hotel.

The Seefeld Hotels, a group of individual 3*** and 4**** hotels in Seefeld, would like to welcome you to a choice of our small but special range of accommodation. Every hotel has a certain something - all of them share a comfortable atmosphere and a commitment to excellent standards of guest care.

Hotel Schönegg

Hotel Schönegg ***

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Hotel Charlotte

Hotel Charlotte ***

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Hotel Cenral

Hotel Central ****

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Hotel Hochland

Hotel Hochland ****

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Hotel My Mountain Lodge

Hotel My Mountain Lodge ***

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Hotel Haymon

Hotel Haymon ***

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How many children are come along?

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Holiday enjoyment starts with your choice of hotel. Choose from our small but special range of offers.

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During your holiday on the Seefeld high plateau you will certainly not be boring. Explore the Region!

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Treasure Chest

Seefeld has a far more exciting story than you might suspect at first attempt.

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