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The Reith Cultural Trail

Admittedly a cultural trail doesn't sound particularly gripping. But the one in Reith combines historical interest with some beautiful views and landscapes and is really worth a visit.

The departure point for the cultural trail is at the information office in Reith. On foot it is only 40 minutes from Seefeld, with the car or train only ten. You can also pick up a short historic description of the village.

Did you know, for example, that the village of Reith was the most badly bombed in the Tyrol in the Second World War? Or that two giants used to live above the village who bequeathed the coal tar deposits which give the well-known Steinöl treatment. In Reith you can experience the untouched original Tyrol without clichés or window dressing.

Holiday enjoyment starts with your choice of hotel.

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How many children are come along?

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Holiday enjoyment starts with your choice of hotel. Choose from our small but special range of offers.

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