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The Seefeld plateau is located at an altitude of 1200m in the middle of stunning mountain scenery. If you plump for a holiday in Seefeld you are not just benefiting from the excellent infrastructure and the many options for sports and activities but also from the benefits for your health.

There are many walking trails that are relatively level in the Seefeld area. That means that they are perfectly suited for those who are not experienced walkers or for people who aren't in the best of condition. There are plenty of cleared walks in winter as well.

Simply healthier

Many studies show the positive effects of the mountain climate on health. Sportsmen and -women especially appreciate this knowledge and visit Seefeld every year to benefit from the conditions. The mountain air has less oxygen in it and therefore the body needs more energy, the pulse-rate increases and breathing becomes stronger.

The body adjusts to these new climatic conditions in a short period of time. The circulatatory system operates in a more efficient fashion and performance increases without any extra effort.

The high alpine climate additionally optimises the metabolism, reduces damaging free radicals and improved oxygen-usage. And, not least, the altitude means a deeper sleep so that you feel more rested and full of energy.

Perfect for those who suffer from allergies

The mountain climate on the Seefeld plateau lets those who have allergies take a deep breath. As altitude increases, so the incidence of dust mites decreases. This is especially beneficial for asthmatics and those who are allergic to the creatures that live on household dust.

Those who suffer from hayfever also find the plateau a fine destination. The concentration of pollen in the atmosphere is lower over the whole of the year than in the cities. From July onwards the region can claim to be just about free from allergens, as the irritant period for the grasses and trees ends very early.

Holiday enjoyment starts with your choice of hotel.

The Seefeld Hotels, a group of individual 3*** and 4**** hotels in Seefeld, would like to welcome you to a choice of our small but special range of accommodation. Every hotel has a certain something - all of them share a comfortable atmosphere and a commitment to excellent standards of guest care.

Hotel Charlotte

Hotel Charlotte ***

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Hotel Schönegg ***

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Hotel Cenral

Hotel Central ****

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Hotel Haymon

Hotel Haymon ***

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Hotel My Mountain Lodge

Hotel My Mountain Lodge ***

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Hotel Hochland

Hotel Hochland ****

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How many children are come along?

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Holiday enjoyment starts with your choice of hotel. Choose from our small but special range of offers.

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During your holiday on the Seefeld high plateau you will certainly not be boring. Explore the Region!

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