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Fresco paintings and violins - Mittenwald is known around the world for these two things. But the town has much more to offer - find out for yourself.

The small town of Mittenwald is only 15 kilometres from Seefeld. It is famous not only for the centuries-old fresco paintings on the Upper Bavarian houses but also for being the centre of the violinmaking industry in Europe.

The violinmaking museum displays the development of the industry in Mittenwald. Watch a real violinmaker at work and be amazed at how much knowledge and love goes into every violin from the town.

Mittenwald has managed to keep its original and traditional charm. The pedestrian area in the centre is surrounded by houses with lovely fresco paintings and there are many stores and cafés to wander around.

A new addition is the barefoot trail on the Kranzberg, with 15 imaginative sections offering different sensations. You'll walk over pebbles, bark, moss, pine needles and through a mountain steam and in this way come into close contact with nature.

Holiday enjoyment starts with your choice of hotel.

The Seefeld Hotels, a group of individual 3*** and 4**** hotels in Seefeld, would like to welcome you to a choice of our small but special range of accommodation. Every hotel has a certain something - all of them share a comfortable atmosphere and a commitment to excellent standards of guest care.

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Hotel Schönegg ***

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How many children are come along?

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Holiday enjoyment starts with your choice of hotel. Choose from our small but special range of offers.

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